Treatments and procedures performed by our endodontists

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Our dental clinic offers a wide range of comprehensive endodontic services, which are performed by experienced and highly qualified endodontists. Endodontic treatments are our specialty, so you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality of care.

When to consult an endodontist?

Endodontics deals with the treatment of the internal tissues of the tooth, such as the pulp and roots. The decision to consult an endodontist can be for a variety of reasons. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, loss of sensitivity in a specific area of the mouth, or even swelling in the tooth area, you should make an appointment with our endodontist immediately. The earlier you take action, the better the chance of saving your tooth from having to be extracted.

The endodontists at our clinic have advanced tools and techniques that will allow them to identify the cause of the problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Root canal treatment saves teeth

One of the most common endodontic procedures is root canal treatment. This procedure involves removing infected pulp from inside the tooth and thoroughly cleaning the root canals. They are then filled with a special material to prevent future infections.

Root canal treatment is painless, as the patient is put under local or general anesthesia. Our endodontist will take a series of X-rays before the procedure to get a complete picture of the tooth structure and avoid complications. After root canal treatment, we recommend a visit to a general dentist who will place a crown on the tooth to restore full function and aesthetics.

Root therapy an alternative to extraction

Root therapy, otherwise known as tooth reimplantation, is an operation performed when a tooth is traumatically damaged, such as in an accident. Although it seems complicated, root therapy is a process in which a damaged tooth is thoroughly cleaned and then restored to the mouth.

The endodontist will use advanced techniques and materials, such as biological bone grafts, to allow the tooth to re-root in the mouth. Root therapy takes time, but can be a great alternative to extracting a tooth and placing an implant. Our team of endodontists are specialists in this field and will provide you with comprehensive care throughout the treatment process.


Our experienced endodontists will take care of your needs and ensure the quality of their work. Whether you need root canal treatment, root therapy or other endodontic procedures, you can rely on our expertise. Don't delay, schedule a consultation and get your teeth back to health!


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